Southampton Town United Soccer Club
Club Mission

Southampton Town United aims to provide each of our players with a fun, age appropriate, soccer playing environment that challenges the individual but does not overwhelm.

We are committed to the belief that participation in soccer should be a privilege that is enjoyed by players, parents, coaches, and supporters alike, while giving everyone the opportunity to reach their Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psycho-Social Potential.

Club Philosophy

Southampton Town United takes a developmental approach to the education we provide our players, ensuring that we create soccer players and fans for life, not just the next calendar year.

  • We encourage all players to be self-reliant on the soccer field and confident to express themselves without fear of mistake and error.
  • At the youngest ages, this is done through a firm grounding of the fundamentals of soccer, maximizing contact and exposure to a soccer ball. This is initially done individually, and then in small groups.
  • As players grow, they are encouraged to work within the team environment, developing a patient, possession based style of soccer that eventually leads to teams that play through the lines of defense, midfield, and offense to create chances on goal.
  • In doing this we also appreciate that soccer, and sport in general can play a huge part in the character development of our players and therefore will strive to instill the values of hard work, character, passion



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